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News : Oxigen II now available

The brand new Oxigen II from U-Turn is now available, a completely new design by Ernst Strobl rather than a development of the original classic

The new profile is extremely tolerant of changes in trim, you can now use the new U-Turn trim system to tune the kite for all conditions and activities. Stable when it's gusty, fast for flying in the lightest winds, well forward for buggy racing, or lifty and grunty for jumping, boarding or soft surfaces. A simple adjustment and it's done

Check out the Oxigen II for ultimate versatility

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News : Helium II now available

The original Helium was judged to be the best all round beginners kite by Kite & Friends magazine, well the Helium II is even better with a new profile to take advantage of the new U-Turn trim system and give more performance. You can now set the kite up just how you like it

The Helium II uses the same Toray material and Liros lines as the Oxigen II and Butane, top quality not often seen in a kite of this level

If you value supreme stability in even the worst conditions, check out the Helium II

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News : U-Turn Butane with Firewire

The Butane now has a Firewire bridle like the Nitro Evo2

This new Dyneema line from Liros is light and thinner than used previously, yet is stronger with less stretch

The lighter weight improves the handling at the bottom of the wind range and the reduction in drag boosts performance at the top end

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News : U-Turn Nitro Evo2

Although the distinctive U-Turn graphic now appears on both top and bottom surfaces, the canopy of the Nitro remains the same. The only real difference is the new Firewire bridle, but it does make a BIG difference!

The Firewire bridle on the Nitro Evo2 features a new type of dyneema line. Stronger and with less stretch than other lines, the profile of the Nitro is better maintained under all conditions, improving all aspects of flight behaviour

The new bridle is shorter, thinner and lighter than before, cutting drag and boosting performance. The new Hi-Arc trim enhances stability and the new brake layout improves the handling and extends the power range under braking

Owners of the original Nitro can easily upgrade their kites to Evo2 specification by fitting the new bridle, contact us for details

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News : U-Turn Butane

The much anticipated and versatile new kite from U-Turn is now available in the UK

Featuring the new AFS system, the Butane has levels of stability never seen before in a modern high performance race kite

The Butane also excels for boarding or jumping, on fixed bridle or with a depower system, on handles or with a bar

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News : Winning Start for Butane

U-Turn team pilot Tommy Gempel has won the 2005 German Open Class Championship with the new Butane prototype

Tommy dominated the series with the new Butane, winning almost every race and will compete in the Masters Class next year

News : New U-Turn Wallpapers

You can now download 4 new U-Turn desktop wallpapers featuring your favourite U-Turn kite

...it's also a chance to grab a sneak preview of the latest kite from U-Turn

News : U-Turn Helium tops super-test

German magazine 'Kite & Friends' recently conducted a head to head test of the top 10 entry level kites based on criteria such as build quality, performance, handling ,value for money etc.

The results, to be published in the July/August 2005 issue of the magazine, placed the U-Turn Helium at No1, ahead of all the better known names

U-Turn Helium Review in Kite & Friends Magazine
U-Turn RTF Set

U-Turn kites are now available Ready To Fly (RTF)

The U-Turn RTF set consists of a high quality backpack, handles and lines, harness strop and a ground-stake.

U-Turn kites are still available as ‘Kite Only’ if you prefer to put together your own custom set up

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U-Turn Kites distribution and sales in the UK : U Turn Helium, U-Turn Oxigen and UTurn Nitro power kites for traction kiting with a buggy, parakart, snowboard or ATB : On the beach or inland, racing, freestyle or just for fun
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