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An Aerodynamic Masterpiece
The U-Turn Nitro Evo2 has an impressive pedigree. In 1998 Ernst Strobl designed the AiREA Raptor, arguably the most significant development in race kite performance. This was followed almost immediately by his Raptor II that brought stability and ease of use to the raw power and speed of the original. The U-Turn Nitro Evo2 is the logical evolution from these classic designs

Nitro Evo2 is built to be the best without compromise. Only materials of the highest specification are used and the paraglider standard construction is second to none, with double stitching throughout and added reinforcement at all critical points

The design borrows heavily from the latest paraglider development and is the most sophisticated of any race kite in terms of aspect ratio, number of cells, internal structure and bridle optimisation. The result is the smoothest profile in the sky, offering top performance that is still very user friendly in the hands of an experienced flyer

The aerodynamic efficiency of the Nitro Evo2 can be surprising. It’s not unusual to find yourself overpowered at speed on a reach, only to find that when you stop to come back there’s barely enough wind to keep the kite in the air. The bigger sizes in particular are capable of seemingly ‘magical’ propulsion in virtually no wind

If you take racing and going fast seriously, or you’re the type that just needs to have the best toys, then the U-Turn Nitro Evo2 is the kite for you

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Nitro Evo2 with Firewire Bridle

Apart from the distinctive U-Turn graphic which now appears on both top and bottom surfaces, the canopy of the Nitro remains the same. The only real difference is the new Firewire bridle, but it does make a BIG difference!

The Firewire bridle on the Nitro Evo2 features a new type of dyneema line. Stronger and with less stretch than other lines, the profile of the Nitro is better maintained under all conditions, improving all aspects of flight behaviour

The new bridle is shorter, thinner and lighter than before, cutting drag and boosting performance. The new Hi-Arc trim enhances stability and the new brake layout improves the handling and extends the power range under braking

Owners of the original Nitro can easily upgrade their kites to Evo2 specification by fitting the new bridle, contact us for details

Tips and Tricks

The Nitro Evo2 likes to be flown as a true four-line kite and applying brakes supplies a noticeable increase in power. As speed increases the brakes can be eased off, effectively ‘de-powering’ the kite and reducing sideways pull on the reach

Less experienced flyers can trim the brakes quite tight so that a crease can be seen on the undersurface near the trailing edge. This improves the passive stability, but will reduce the full power range of the kite and it is best to learn to fly actively and apply brake only as necessary

In very gusty conditions you can tighten the brakes a little to improve passive stability, if you tie a second knot a few centimetres up the brake leaders on the handles you can quickly adjust the brakes when needed

If one wingtip turns under the bridle it can usually be shaken out. If it doesn't, then landing the kite,flipping it over on to the leading edge and gently tugging the brakes will often work out the tangle. Sometimes even full ‘bow-ties’ can be cleared this way without having to stake out your handles and walk to the kite

The set-up of a kite is a very much down to personal preference and you should experiment to find the settings and techniques that suit you. Please contact us if you need more help and advice, or have any tips of your own to share

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U-Turn Kites distribution and sales in the UK : U Turn Helium, U-Turn Oxigen and UTurn Nitro power kites for traction kiting with a buggy, parakart, snowboard or ATB : On the beach or inland, racing, freestyle or just for fun
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